Opac, not only hard-top

    The product range of Opac is enriched with new and unconventional products: an anchor windlass and a dashboard rotator, both designed and manufactured for Sanlorenzo SP 110

     Opac's anchor windlass is a mobile device capable of concealing the anchor when it is not in use, ensuring aesthetically “clean” lines for the unique design of the yacht.

    Starting from a stylistic model drawn up by the boat's designer, Opac developed the design of the kinematics and the structural sizing of the complex product, which is manufactured entirely in mirror-polished AISI 316 stainless steel.

    The Turin-based company also devised the hydraulic movement mechanism by studying the pivot points and anchor housing within the bow of the yacht. The challenge and objective were to facilitate the opening movement of the anchor arm while keeping it firmly in position to prevent potential damage to the hull or winch. The movement of the bow arm is controlled by a hydraulic system. The movable part of the arm is approximately 1.5 metres long. Even the design of the housing was carefully considered to accommodate an anchor weighing around 140 kilograms. The entire mechanism weighs approximately 450 kilograms.

    Opac has also developed a "dashboard rotator" for the Sanlorenzo SP100 model, allowing for the effective retraction of the secondary helm station. A gear motor initiates a 180° rotation, “revealing” an additional control panel, enabling the operation of the boat directly from the flybridge. This provides increased visibility, particularly during maneuvering operations. In the "closed" position, the external helm station remains protected from weather and marine elements, seamlessly integrating into the profile of the bow cabinet on the flybridge.