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    Soft-top Classic

    PartDescriptionSize m
    580 Soft-top classic CURVED 4,6x1,9
    621 Soft-top classic CURVED 3,2x2,45
    632 Soft-top classic FLAT 4,8x3,9
    660 Soft-top classic FLAT 3,83x3,41
    675 Soft-top classic CURVED 5,37x2,65
    681 Soft-top classic CURVED 4,44x2,4
    696 Soft-top classic CURVED 3,87x2,55
    716 Soft-top classic FLAT 7,4x2,94
    758 Soft-top classic CURVED 2,54x3,2
    772 Soft-top classic CURVED 5,32x2,69
    784 Soft-top classic FLAT 3,22x3,18
    797 Soft-top classic FLAT - DECENTERED MOTOR 2,92x3,18
    829 Soft-top classic CURVED 6,67x3,2
    862 Soft-top classic FLAT 4,2x3,8
    951 Soft-top classic CURVED 3,7x2,5

    Soft-top Easy Top

    PartDescriptionSize m
    985 Soft-top easy top FLAT 2x2

    Soft-top Canvas Up

    PartDescriptionSize m
    718 Soft-top canvas-up CURVED 3,5x2,96
    729 Soft-top canvas-up CURVED 3,05x2,98
    771 Soft-top canvas-up FLAT 2,95x2,486
    793 Soft-top canvas-up FLAT 4,63x3,48
    850 Soft-top canvas-up FLAT 2,656x2,411
    853 Soft-top canvas-up FLAT 2,612x2,231
    891 Soft-top canvas-up FLAT 3,2x2,97
    889 Soft-top canvas-up FLAT 5,54x3,83
    744 Soft-top canvas-up FLAT 3,18x2,48
    809 Soft-top canvas-up FLAT 4,47x2,98
    980 Soft-top canvas-up CURVED 5,5x4,2
    1033 Soft-top canvas-up FLAT 2,27x2,14
    1096 Soft-top canvas-up FLAT 3,55x2,98

    Shading blades Hard top

    PartDescriptionSize m
    721 Shading blades hard top 2,8x2,60
    761 Shading blades hard top 3,75x2,88
    779 Shading blades hard top 2,56x2,45
    846 Shading blades hard top 2,8x3
    854 Shading blades hard top 2,6x2,22
    903 Shading blades hard top 2,83x3
    916 Shading blades hard top 2,6x2,45
    928 Shading blades hard top 3x3,35
    963 Shading blades hard top 3,52x2,7
    972 Shading blades hard top with final slat curved 1,62x3,57
    1022 Shading blades hard top 3,67x2,39
    1054 Shading blades hard top witharrangement for photovoltaic 3,67x2,39
    1034 Shading blades hard top 3x2,99
    1046 Shading blades hard top 2,07x2,96
    1050 Shading blades hard top with integrated gutter 3,69x3,18
    1088 Shading blades hard top 3,09x2,7
    1108 Shading blades hard top 3,09x2,68

    Multifuctional Hard Top

    PartDescriptionSize m
    1076 Multifuctional Hard Top 3,09x2,7

    Retractable Hard top

    PartDescriptionSize m
    974 Retractable Hard top 2,83x2,74
    1030 Retractable Hard top 3,45x3,37

    Sliding Hard top

    PartDescriptionSize m
    nc Sliding Hard top on demand

    Automatic Hard top (sectors)

    PartDescriptionSize m
    nc Automatic Hard top on demand

    Automotive technology capote

    PartDescriptionSize m
    nc Convertible roof on demand


    PartDescriptionSize m
    nc Bimini on demand

    Shading veils kit

    Shading veils)

    PartDescriptionSize m
    nc Shading veils kit on demand

    Extending table

    PartDescriptionClosed size cmOpen size cm
    663 Extending and sliding table 130x130 183x183
    754 Extending table 66x66 93x93
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