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Total surface area:    4,000 square metres
Total built-on area:   1,500 square metres 

Total surface area:   84,000 square metres
Total built-on area:  42,000 square metres 

Our philosophy: quality products in a short timeframe

An ability to embrace innovation and a willingness to diversify production are values that can prove decisive for a company.

The most ingenious solutions often spring from simple, almost trivial, considerations. For instance, why not employ a tried and true, reliable technology, one already widely and successfully used in one production sector, in a new field? 

That is what happened at Opac when, after thirty years in the automotive manufacturing industry, we more recently moved into the nautical sector.

Our company's entrance into this field came about largely by chance. Opac’s experience in the automotive soft-top and hard-top sector has always attracted the interest of shipyards, and early results were so well-received that collaboration with nautical firms has become a permanent part of our business.

We could say that Opac revolutionised the approach to the production of soft-tops and hard-tops for yachts. Initially, this was due to the craftsman-like nature of our work. Today, our approach is founded on the principles of the highest design fidelity, the most efficient production plan and the finest quality.

Opac has developed a high degree of design and production flexibility in order to meet the market's increasingly frequent demand for custom products, made and delivered in short time frames. Our company is equipped to perform an in-depth and concrete analysis of every possible issue that could arise as part of the projects that are proposed to us and, as soon as we have assessed feasibility, to immediately initiate the operational phase.

In this way we are able to guarantee short time frames and high quality.

Building customer loyalty has gone beyond being a simple satisfaction. It has become a concrete validation of the quality of our services. 


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