Double-movement bimini sun pad

    Showcased for the first time at the Venice Boat Show 2022, the new WallyPower58, with its unique design, possesses some unique innovations and specific features. One of these is the double-movement bimini sun pad, designed and built by Opac.

    This involves an original bimini mounted astern of the yacht. With its first movement, the electrically-powered lifting mechanism opens up an arch structure produced in carbon fibre containing the supporting beams which enable the distribution of the awning. The following movement allows the opening up of the three beams which support the awning. With two simple moves it is thus possible to cover over the sun pad sofa, boosting the onboard comfort. 

    The awning, which guarantees a coverage of 4 m2, is made of a synthetic perforated material so as to ensure the perfect balance between the passage of sunlight and air. 

    The awning structure is produced in carbon and aluminium and is therefore extremely light. Opening and closing is fast and precise. When not in use, the aft awning becomes an integral part of the design, being neatly concealed in its base.

    The bimini is yet another example of Opac’s capacity to blend technology and design to the complete satisfaction of the needs of the shipyard.