Solutions for Stylishly Yachts

    There are many elements that make a yacht more comfortable and Opac has always supported shipyards in their efforts to find the best solutions.

    22.30 metres long and 5.60 metres wide, the Ferretti Yachts 720 has a sporty and harmonious design. On board there are many functional and innovative solutions: the large 30 square metre flybridge, made of carbon fibre and composite materials, is surmounted by a hard-top, designed and manufactured by Opac, available in three versions: with fixed glass, with integrated bimini or with opening laminar roof. The aft beach looks like a real terrace overlooking the sea with convertible chaise longues and ample walkable space.

    The chaise lounge, available with a single bench or with two independent benches, has a hydraulic movement system designed and built by Opac. Through hydraulic cylinders and a dedicated control unit it is possible to close it completely, leaving more space for the beach.

    These are some of the ideas developed by Opac to offer shipyards and shipowners more style solutions and an increasing number of fittings.