Seatec 2017: Excellence in supply and subcontracting for the boating industry

    The leading players in the Italian and international subcontracting industry will gather in Marina di Carrara from March 29 to 31 for the 15th edition of Seatec, the trade show dedicated to technology, components, design and subcontracting applied to recreational boating, organised by CarraraFiere to be the only event dedicated to the sector in Italy and Southern Europe.

    In 2015, Italy exported yachts and recreational and sporting boats for a total value of 1.7 billion euros, accounting for over 16% of worldwide exports. Seatec’s primary goal is to showcase the most advanced Italian technology being offered by the sector and promote the companies that use the best and most efficient solutions in their production and operations.

    Marina di Carrara, and therefore Seatec, are located at the heart of the most comprehensive and complex supply chain system for subcontracting for high-end yacht building, with the district of La Spezia-Massa-Carrara-Versilia-Livorno being home to the highest number of top-level shipyards operating in the construction of super-yachts. Thanks to the strength of this qualitative supremacy, the district can also boast quantitative supremacy. Of the 325 super-yachts under construction in Italy, 207 are under construction in this district, and are due to be delivered between late 2016 and 2020; these include three units longer than 100 meters.

    Thanks to this extraordinary concentration of high-quality production, the supply chain has reached peaks of excellence which Seatec has been gathering and putting on display over the three days of its exhibition for the last 15 years, bringing together the prominent members of the supply sector. Within this framework, Opac will take part in the event with its Nautical Division, specialized in the design and manufacture of hard-tops, soft-tops and awnings for pleasure craft, as well as other nautical components.

    Opac will be waiting to greet its customers and anyone else interested in its products in zone “C”, aisle 24, booth 693.