Always looking for new ideas for ways to cover spaces on decks

In the early 1990s, Opac's extensive experience in the field of soft-tops and hard-tops for the automotive sector generated strong interest on the part of shipyards, which are always looking for new ideas for ways to cover spaces on decks and on flybridges (elevated decks equipped with controls).

For the nautical sector, Opac offers bimini tops, soft-tops and hard-tops, produced through the skilful use of noble metals such as mirror-polished stainless steel 316L and suitably treated aluminium. The use of such materials, combined with the use of automatic handling systems, was quite an innovation at the time.

These ideas were to translate into concrete projects, the first in the world to employ the latest automobile engineering technologies for the construction of nautical fittings and components.

An ongoing collaboration was born between Opac and the shipyards. In 1994, the company established its specialised Nautical Division, which, over the course of over twenty years of operations, has produced 3,200 hard-tops and soft-tops in 301 different variations, for 196 different customers.

It is not, however, these high production figures, but rather, and most importantly, our customers’ abiding appreciation for our products that provides us with our greatest satisfaction.


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