Strategic partner for many Automobile Producers

Opac, Officina Prototipi Automobili Carrozzeria, has established itself over the years as a strategic partner for many Automobile Producers, collaborating with them on the construction of numerous working prototypes and, in some cases, carrying out the research, the complete production of equipment, body parts, soft-tops and hard-tops, and even the entire bodies of some of the most beautiful automobiles in the world.

The company was born in 1986, but its history stretches back much further. Its founding partners began working in the automobile sector back in the 1960s. In 1977, they founded the Officina Costruzione Riparazione Autovetture, Ocra Srl, a company that constructed prototypes and created special production processes for automobiles. In 1990, they incorporated and became Erre.Ci. In 1998, Icas Srl, Industrie Carrozzerie Auto Sportive, was created, a company that continues to operate in the field of auto body and prototype construction.

Opac, Erre.Ci. and Icas have very similar company mission statements, but differ in the types of customers they serve.

Over the years, over fifty automobile models have been born in the company’s facilities in Rivalta di Torino, while over a million and a half automobiles around the world sport our soft-tops and hard-tops.

We owe all this to a great wealth of technical expertise and craftsmanship and, most importantly, to the passion that has always distinguished our work.

Thanks to a handpicked network of top-notch partners, Opac can offer quality results and products for every aspect of an automobile’s development.


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