About us

Opac is a qualified industrial organization, capable of meeting any customer request in both the automotive and nautical sectors.

The company’s particular areas of specialisation are the design and production of soft-tops and hard-tops for automobiles and pleasure craft, as well as the construction of special vehicles or limited series.

The services Opac offers include product formulationdesign and testing – from the individual component to the entire prototype – each design engineered to perfectly fit the customer’s specific needs.

Opac is equipped to outfit automobile production lines, whether special or for limited series.

All systems for the nautical sector are also designed in-house, while the entire construction process is carried out manually by highly specialized personnel. The company has imported many technologies from the automotive sector, applying them successfully in our nautical division. These include the use of new materials, such as carbon fibre, and of liquid crystal sliding systems.

Opac’s focus on innovation, in terms of both product and process, has allowed us to employ the highest standards of quality and obtain the most rigorous and prestigious forms of certification.

Thanks to top-notch engineering expertise and consolidated experience, today Opac is a modern and dynamic organisation, where innovation, technical expertise, tradition and craftsmanship blend together seamlessly.



Born in the mid-80s, the company OPAC from the beginning, established itself as a strategic partner for automotive manufacturers, collaborating in the construction of several working prototypes

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If you want to realize something in the world, idealism is not enough; you need to choose a system to achieve the purpose. In other words, you have to be "pragmatic."

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