On May 7, 2016, La Spezia celebrated the christening of the biggest sailing boat ever built in Italy.  This was the Sybaris of Perini Navi, for which Opac designed and installed a glass companionway connecting the main hall and the main deck.

The Sybaris truly represents a concentrated solution for design and technology. The 70-meter aluminum hull features a keel of variable depth, thus allowing the vessel to access most ports and coves. Its sleek lines and advanced design and aluminum superstructure features an 18-meter flying bridge, the biggest ever built on a sailing ship. With 850 GT, the Sybaris, whose name refers to an ancient city in Magna Graecia, has a large and very bright interior.

The vessel features numerous technological innovations both in terms of performance and the sail plan as well as the electrical control system. The sail plan hinges on two carbon steel shafts (72 and 62 meters high, respectively), while the imposing sail plan of over 2,300 square meters, as well as advanced fine tuning systems to control system components are run electronically, allowing a single person to control sailing from the main console.

For this beautiful sailing ship Opac’s Nautical Division designed and installed a sliding companionway on the main deck of the yacht.  Once mounted, it looks like a crystal panel 1.1 meters long and 2.5 meters wide, which can be lowered and runs sideways in order to make the stairway accessible to the room below. Essential style and design characterize the device, which, when opened completely, disappears below the deck.  The transparent surface of the device allows the room below to enjoy sunlight, thus creating a total open-air sensation even when the companionway is closed.

The companionway was completely designed and built by Opac in keeping with the specific requirements of Perini Navi.

The structure consists of a 316 stainless steel frame designed to accommodate the mechanical sections and the sliding door when it is open.  It also includes a section to reach the stairway below and an auxiliary room for the open door.  Great precaution was taken during the design phase to ensure maximum security and protection from the elements.  The frame of the movable part is also made of 316 stainless steel and features a 26-mm thick crystal.  The surface of tempered crystal offers UV protection and as part of the walkway covering, it received a special non-slip treatment.  The entire structure was designed to withstand uniformly the impact of a 1.7-meter column of water.

The Sybaris now faces an intense season of installation qualification tests in order to complete the construction process.  The vessel is expected to be commissioned this summer, will then be showcased at the Monaco Yacht Show and will finally cross the Atlantic Ocean to reach Miami and the Caribbean Sea.